winning entry; what if nyc competition; new york, ny

Urban centers are predisposed towards dealing with natural disasters given their redundancies of on-site industry and infrastructure. In this regard, the ubiquitous construction scaffold is well suited as it is already the de facto intermediary between established and demolition/renovation conditions. In its application as provisional housing, we seek to capitalize on the scaffold’s ability to be quickly assembled and easily configured to an unpredictable disaster site. The scaffold’s lightweight modular pieces and simple connections allow volunteers to participate in the rebuilding process alongside professionals. The materials of the infill housing units are designed to allow for the application of a variety of environmentally-friendly materials that are readily available. Utilities can strategically connect at central locations and flow through the larger collection of units.

Typology Ideas, Competitions
location New York, NY
competition link New York City Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype
sponsor New York City Emergency Management


Michael Renjie Tom https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomrenjie
Adam Alter, RA https://www.alterarc.com